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Grapefruit is the Type A ship in ZeroRanger.


Grapefruit was sent to defend against the invasion of Green Orange. However, due to the capabilities of Green Orange, Grapefruit's pilot loses control, and it becomes a part of what it was meant to destroy.


Stage 3[edit]

In the first encounter with Grapefruit, it remains mostly stationary in the center of the screen, and stays wrapped in its cape. It is surrounded by floating pila that fire lasers and bullets.

There are two attack patterns. In the first pattern, four pila will encircle Grapefruit. They generate a shield around Grapefruit and do not attack the player. Two pila will float off to the side, alternating between firing lasers and bullets. Grapefruit will re-generate pila shorty after they are destroyed. To damage Grapefruit during this phase, the player must destroy all four of the pila shielding Grapefruit, taking care to destroy them all before one is re-generated.

In the second pattern, all six of the pila will encircle Grapefruit. They fire a continuous stream of bullets at the player. The pila do not generate a shield for Grapefruit during this phase, but the pila still provide protection by physically blocking bullets until the player destroys them.

Stage 2-3[edit]

In the Stage 2-3 encounter with Grapefruit, if the player remains in ship form, the fight will be the same as the first encounter.

If the player changes to ZeroRanger form, Grapefruit will take notice and engage the player in serious combat. There are two phases, with five attack patterns in the first phase and one attack pattern in the second phase.

To start, Grapefruit enters ship form while their pila move to a wing-like formation, with both the ship and pila firing bullets. Grapefruit may fire homing shots at this time. In the second pattern, the pila will move to the top of the screen and launch drills straight downwards. Attacking a drill will cause it to grow larger and release bullets from its rear. For the third pattern, Grapefruit launches a spinning sword and their pila scatter apart. The sword bounces on the edges of the screen, while the pila fire lasers and then relocate to fire another round. In the fourth pattern, Grapefruit unleashes two snake-like attacks that home in on the player while the pila surround Grapefruit and fire a barrage of bullets downwards. In the fifth pattern, lock-on reticles will appear. The player must stay clear of the reticles that appear on the screen as Grapefruit launches a lock-on attack.

The second phase differs based on the ZeroRanger weapon that the player chose. In the player chose the sword, Grapefruit holds their own sword upwards to charge a ball of energy and launches it at the player. If the energy ball reaches the edge of the screen, it explodes and a dense burst of bullets fly out. The player can counter this by using their sword to launch the ball of energy back at Grapefruit. If the player chose the drill, Grapefruit drives their own drill, which is much larger than the player's, towards the bottom of the screen. If it reaches the bottom, a dense and continuous burst of bullets fly upwards. The player can counter this by holding their drill against Grapefruit's. The sparks generated by this clash of drills will come back at the player, so the player must dodge them while still remaining in contact with the enemy drill until Grapefruit's drill finally cracks.


  • 'Grapefruit', along with the ships 'Rybb' and 'Decker', is based on the name of the grapefruit juice brand "Rybb & Decker's".