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This page documents the music found in ZeroRanger.

A soundtrack was not available for purchase when ZeroRanger was released. System Erasure was planning to release the ZeroRanger soundtrack in the future. System Erasure suggested listening to an unoffical YouTube playlist, while the official soundtrack was being worked on.[1] The developer estimated that at least three songs were missing from the then-current release of ZeroRanger due to being unfinished; these unfinished songs are the reason that an official soundtrack had not been released at that time.[2]

The soundtrack for ZeroRanger's earlier version, FINALBOSS -Raw Label-, was released on 5 February 2017.[3]

The soundtrack for the current version of ZeroRanger, ORANGE SOUNDS -ZeroRanger Original Soundtrack-, was released on 25 June 2020.[4]

Tracks[edit | edit source]

This track list is from the sound test menu in ZeroRanger. Song titles are from the Orange Sounds OST.

Name Usage
Somewhere in Time Initial opening cutscene
Brewing Menu
Green Orange Opening cutscene
Ready for Battle Menu
Black Onion Cutscene after first game over
Comforting Chococcino Menu
yynem Menu
Can't We Just Get Over It? Tutorial
It May Be Greenish Stage 1
Orangardimus Stage 1 first boss
Bossay, Exclamation Stage 1 second boss
Weapons Of Mass Destruction When selecting a power-up
Hyes Stage clear
Final Box Stage 2
Or-Type Stage 2 first boss
Final Box Act 2 Stage 2, after first boss
Bossay, Quotation Stage 2 second boss
Refreshening Stage 3
Ranger Machine March Stage 3 first boss
Apprivorange Stage 3 cutscene
Impossible Orange Stage 3 second boss
4th Gear Stage 3 after second boss
Throatwave Stage 4 intro
Boiling Stage 4, cutscene prior to boss rush
The Adventure Of Life Goes On Game over
??? (bgm_boss_onionwake.ogg) Track name unknown. Stage 2-2 third boss; this is the Black Onion boss theme when the multiplier is at x25[5]
Was It Greenish? Stage 2-1
Crisis Stage 2-1 after third boss, stage 2-4 after final boss
Final B'EX Stage 2-2
Sour Eater Stage 4 first boss, stage 2-2 third boss
The Sea Has Returned Stage 2-3
Enter the Mass Destruction Stage 2-3 first boss intro
Sky XXXX Days Stage 2-3 first boss
Juice Stall Stage 2-3 after first boss, if the player fails to break the loop.
Guns on Hold Credits
Cipolla Nero FINALBOSS boss
Sky Echo FINALBOSS after boss
Sky Echo - Part 2 FINALBOSS after boss
Menacing While descending to the stage 2-4 second boss
Descent At Last Stage 2-4 second boss
Despair Stage 2-4 third boss
Sacred Defender Final stage
Her Showing Final stage
Her Song Final stage
HyyeeaaAARH Mission complete
Swinging Citrus Credits
System Endless Menu

References[edit | edit source]

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  5. The conditions that cause this to play are unconfirmed, but it has been done. See this YouTube video, where it plays at 32:46. The creator of that video did not know the cause and did not reveal the track's name (track names can be found in sound test in the settings menu). A YouTube comment for the video claims that it is caused by a multiplier of x25.