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Trading cards[edit | edit source]

Trading cards will randomly appear in a player's inventory as they play ZeroRanger. A maximum of three ZeroRanger cards can be collected this way. To get more cards, players can use the Steam community market, or purchase directly from other Steam users. Cards with a foil border are rare.

The characters in the cards are similar to Mido and Dori in name and appearance.

Card Foil version Description
Dash & Maya.png Dash & Maya (Foil).png Dash & Maya

A bad hair day?

Deva & Mika.png Deva & Mika (Foil).png Deva & Mika

Fight or flee?

Mi & Dore.png Mi & Dore (Foil).png Mi & Dore

Follow the rhythm!

Mia & Dia.png Mia & Dia (Foil).png Mia & Dia

Looking good!

Minna & Doris.png Minna & Doris (Foil).png Minna & Doris

A perfect day.

Badges[edit | edit source]

A badge can be crafted or leveled up after gathering each of the five trading cards.

Image Description Level
XXXX Banana badge.png XXXX Banana Level 1
YELLOW Daikon badge.png YELLOW DAIKON Level 2
WHITE Vanilla badge.png WHITE Vanilla Level 3
BLACK Onion badge.png BLACK Onion Level 4
GREEN Orange badge.png GREEN Orange Level 5

The GREEN Orange badge may be referencing the invading alien vessel Green Orange, or the game's green and orange color scheme.

Profile backgrounds[edit | edit source]

A profile background can be earned when crafting a badge, or purchased on the Steam community market.

The images each feature a pilot. From first to last, the characters are Grapefruit's pilot, Dori, and Mido.

Image Description Rarity
P0 profile background.jpg ZeroRanger P0

"You can leave it to me."

P1 profile background.jpg ZeroRanger P1

"I guess I have no choice."

P2 profile background.jpg ZeroRanger P2

"Let's get fired up!"


Emoticons[edit | edit source]

An emoticon can be earned when crafting a badge, or purchased on the Steam community market.

From first to last, the fighters featured in these badges are Dori, Decker, Rybb, Mido, and Grapefruit's pilot.

Image Description Rarity
Annoyed emoticon.pngAnnoyed emoticon 18px.png :zr_annoyed:

Maybe slightly irritated as well if I had to guess.

Decker emoticon.pngDecker emoticon 18px.png :zr_decker:


Rybb emoticon.pngRybb emoticon 18px.png :zr_rybb:


Smile emoticon.pngSmile emoticon 18px.png :zr_smile:

Everyone should do this more often.

Smug emoticon.pngSmug emoticon 18px.png :zr_smug:

Not saying I'm the best but...


Achievements[edit | edit source]

There is only one achievement for ZeroRanger.

Image Description Conditions

Thank you.

The player must complete Green Orange mode.

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