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Rybb's hitbox.

Rybb is the Type B backup fighter sent to defend against the invasion of Green Orange. It is piloted by Mido.


Rybb's Primary shot is a wide fire. It's a burst, multiple large bullets in the middle, while it slowly fans out into weaker shots. There's a small down time between bursts, but the DPS remains very similar to Decker. Pointblanking enemies can be recommended, as the entire burst will hit the enemy.

Upgrade Slot 1[edit]

Back Shot[edit]

A fairly short ranged flamethrower, it fires in a wave. Pierces all enemies, temporarily sticks to things like walls and the bottom of the screen.

In more niche scenarios, the Back Shot may be tapped for a purely backwards shot, dealing much less Damage-Per-Second but hitting targets directly below.

Side Shot[edit]

Fires lightning directly to the side and to a 45 degree angle to each side of the ship. Crosses the whole screen and continuously damages enemies.

Certain enemies can be flown ontop of. Standing on top of an enemy lets all four streams hit them at once, dealing unmatched damage.

Upgrade Slot 2[edit]


Rybb's lock-on is a radius around the player. Locks on at the same rate as Decker, but the forward fighting power is no where near the same. Rybb's lock-on is much more suited for general use, hitting background enemies much easier. Tapping the lock-on button fires a single weaker laser to the nearest enemy. This can be used to completely stall combo loss, even at x12.8.


Creates a small damaging field around Rybb, increasing in power as the charge button is held. The field can absorb a number of bullets, but will break for a brief period of time if it absorbs too much. As such, the charge can be used as an emergency panic shield.

When the charge button is released, a shot will fire. There are four phases to determine which shot fires:

  1. (instant): The shot will do low damage and not pierce any enemy.
  2. (between 1 and 3 seconds): The shot will do decent damage and pierce smaller or weaker foes. It will not pierce through stronger foes.
  3. (between 3 seconds and 1 minute): Fires a large plasma shot that remains as a stationary fireball on screen. The fireball also slows and absorbs certain enemy bullets.
  4. (longer than 1 minute): The shot becomes a large beam that fires for a second, obliterating anything in its path and dealing very high damage.

ZeroRanger Form[edit]

Rybb's ZeroRanger hitbox.


Tapping any attack button will cause Rybb to sweep a large sword attack in front of the ship.

Rybb's sword can be charged, allowing you to perform different attacks:

  1. (instant): This slash cannot reflect bullets, only slowing them down. Repeated slashing has the highest DPS, however.
  2. (between 1 and 3 seconds): Creates a sword beam that travels 3/4 through the screen. Rybb will flare up when this level is reached.
  3. (longer than 3 seconds): Slashes forward multiple times in a flurry, while sending out three sword breams that travel full distance. Rybb's hair will turn white when this level is reached.


Rybb thrusts a drill ahead, attacking enemies directly in front. The drill slows oncoming bullets, and powers up as you destroy enemies with it.

Rybb's drill collects debris, which revolves around the ship as more enemies are destroyed. The debris absorbs bullets and deals damage, every absorb and few hits destroying it. Debris is lost over time, or when the attack button is released. Rybb's drill can also catch fire, increasing its hitbox.



  • The name 'Rybb', along with the ship 'Decker', is based on the name of the drink "Rybb & Decker's".